The core mission of Pi Art is to explore, reflect and critically engage with the impact of the new technologies and new media on everyday life, art, culture and society. We believe that through the creative use of technology and interdisciplinary collaboration, we can foster new dialogues, new knowledge and new forms of expression. Pi Art promotes the use of technology as a tool to explore, create, and share ideas, and encourages the development of new ways of thinking and working. We strive to create a platform for artists, technologists, and cultural producers to come together and exchange ideas, collaborate, and create meaningful conversations. We believe that art can be a powerful tool for social transformation, and seek to create spaces for experimentation, dialogue and learning that can lead to the development of new, innovative forms of art. We are committed to providing support for artists and cultural producers in their creative endeavours, through the development of collaborative projects, residencies, workshops, and exhibitions

Somos una organizacion no gubernamental enfocada en fomentar comunidades artísticas. (We are an non gubernamental organization focused on fostering art communities)

Pi Art(e) Festival 2023 

(Pi)rámide Galería

PIFA Art Fair