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Artists Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher are kicking off the fourth year of their epic-scale project with the 2020 sculpture edition of what will one day be recognized as the largest art installation in the world, centered around the infinite number sequence of Pi.

Pi Project is a multi-faceted, multi-decade-long project combining sculpture, mathematical concept, data visualization, geolocation, and web-based media. The artists are continuing this process by carving the sculptures of each individual number along the infinite number sequence.

They began this project in 2017 on Pi Day. In the three years, PI Project is tracking over 500 sculptures spanning the world across 5 continents. From India, China, France, Brazil, Dubai and Australia to all over the US. In total, the project is in 26 countries.

Connecting the world through art, PI Project connects a network of its global collectors through geolocation and data visualization. As the artwork ships around the world, each sculpture is identified on a web-based interactive world map pinpointing three elements: the geolocations, the individual numbers, and their specific position along the sequence of the most famous of transcendental numbers.

For more information on the Pi Project here: